Touching The Void Art Gallery & Market



Two Saturday’s ago, I had the chance to attend the Touching The Void Art Gallery & Market hosted by homies Jim Duggin and Patricc Cees. These two were the masterminds behind last November’s YEGshow and kept the momentum going with another local curated event. Touching The Void focuses on local underground artists by giving them a platform to visually showcase their work at the Harcourt House in Downtown Edmonton. Artists such as Allan Thomas  blessed viewers with realistic paintings of streets from his various travels whether it was Toronto, Santa Monica, and Amsterdam alongside his brother David. Upon entering the venue, the first piece that caught my eye was a Medusa head surrounded by vibrant colors of what appeared to be tentacles. The gentleman behind such a masterpiece was Nathan Panousis . What’s cool about Nathan is that his personality aligns perfectly with his pieces: bright and full of energy. Tattooist Jamie Law  applied his professional craft into pieces using profanity as a title for each piece. His “Fuck This Shit” piece applied written stylized text on canvas with a Priority Mail sticker at the top left corner. Brandon Lee of Imaginaic had a table of hand drawn geometry webs, symbols and mosiacs. He introduced me to “Herald,” a geometric web in the shape of a chicken head. Patrick Ennis’s paintings consisted of galaxies and even let viewers watch him add additional features to his universal pieces. Spencer Smith presented viewers with illustrations such as Internet Explorer and Mariachi. Cannibalkings duo Jim and Patricc displayed their monsterous drawings of Mike Tyson, David Bowie, as well as some new pieces of E.T. and Alf.

Overall, Touching The Void managed to provide local artists with the opportunity to publically showcase their creativity. Some artists that  I spoke to at the event had never  had their works in a gallery setting  which baffled me considering how incredibly talented they are. Big shout out to Jim and Patricc for curating the event as well the artists who blessed our eyes with their creative works. Hope to see more of your pieces in more galleries. 

Enjoy the recap 🙂

camilleblogsignature1 (1)

Be sure to check out YEGshow for upcoming events, there’s more to come!



Camille created this blog to document her experiences whether it be through her street style, travel destinations and creative collaborations. Growing up, Camille came in contact with many insecurities and was afraid to show who she was to the world. Since starting this blog, she is able to empower not only herself but those around her. Whether it be her vibrant street style, places she travels to and creative projects she takes on, this blog is a visual documentation of her experiences. She hopes to provide readers with more visual content plus inspire young creatives to style style their lives to the fullest! For all business inquiries and creative collaborations, please email Camille at

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